Exhibit & Sponsorship

General conditions

For further information on sponsorship, please contact us at:


  • Exhibition stand only, U$570 square meters value.
  • Please specify your choice of sponsorship package on the application form, until the last day of registration to the congress.
  • Sponsors should provide the logo in the format and until the deadline indicated by the Organizing Committee.
  • Goodies to be added to the folder handed out to attendees should be sent for approval and organization until August 30, 2018.
  • Others exhibition stands, U$400 square meters value>

Sponsored registration

Companies willing to cover the registration fee of their employees or clients:
  • 5 registrations – 5% discount
  • 10 registrations – 10% discount
  • More than 10 registrations – 12% discount

Satellite symposium:

  • Satellite symposium constitute an exclusively timetable designed for sponsorship actions that do not compete with the congress schedule.
  • The sponsor shall have 45 minutes for advertisement.
  • Publicity and organization: the sponsoring company is responsible for the organization of the Satellite symposium. The Scientific Program (indicating main theme, sub-themes and speakers) shall be sent to the Organizing Commission until August 30, 2018, for consideration and approval by the Scientific Committee.
  • Sponsors are in charge of expenses related to translation, interpretation and reception services.
  • Auditorium / conference room, sound system and multimedia’s fees are included in the package.
  • Other advantages: add your promotional material, exclusively related to the Satellite symposium, to the folder to be handed to attendees; add your Scientific Program to the material to be handed to all attendees.

Satellite symposium fee:

  • U$5,700 (including registration of 5 attendees)

Folder Sponsorship (U$1,400)

The sponsor shall provide the folders, including pens and writing pads. The design shall be approved by the Executive Commission of the event.

Promotional Material (U$2,200)

Add promotional material to the folders to be handed to attendees. The material shall be approved by the Organizing Commission.
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