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Submission deadline

August 31, 2018
11:59 PM(UTC/GMT-3)

Notification Letters

September 15, 2018

The abstract must be sent to the following address:


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Guidelines for abstract submission

  1. Abstract submission deadline
    1. The deadline for receiving abstracts is 31/Aug/2018, considering the date and Brasília time zone, 11:59 PM (UTC/GMT-3). The deadline will not be extended. Abstract submission does not requires previous registration for the conference.
  2. Submission
    1. The abstracts should be sent to the following address: abstracts@itma-congress-2018.com
      Abstracts need to be classified according to the following categories:
  3. • Epidemiology
    E.g.: Cranioencephalic trauma: some epidemiological aspects.
    • Public Health
    E.g.: The costs and the value of a life, work that is carried out, in Brazil, at the Rehabilitation Center of the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics.
    • Management, Quality and Safety
    E.g.: Evaluation of drivers and motor vehicle candidates.
    • Traffic Medicine Guideline
    E.g.: Guidelines for vehicular direction for people with cardiac electronic implantable devices or cardiac arrhythmias.
    • Risk Behaviors
    E.g.: The use of benzodiazepine and the risk of traffic collision.
    • Education and Prevention
    E.g.: The use of seat belts during pregnancy.
    • Traffic Law
    E.g.: Uptades in the Brazilian Law 13,546 / 17: About driving under the influence of alcohol.
    • Traffic psychology
    E.g.: Psychological, psychophysical and psychosocial processes of people inserted in a problematic traffic context.
    • Traffic Engineering
    E.g.: Road Safety: elements that influence traffic.
    • Physiology, Pathology and Traffic
    E.g.: Sleepy driving
  4. The selection committee
    1. The abstracts will be analyzed by the Scientific Committee of the 26th World ITMA Congress.
    2. Original works, not presented in other conferences, will be given priority.
    3. Only original articles, systematic reviews with meta-analyses or case reports will be accepted. Literature reviews, even systematic reviews, will not be accepted and will not be considered for analysis.
    4. Case reports are accepted in exceptional cases, only if addressing atypical diseases or presentations that the intensivists should be aware of.
    5. The result of abstract selection will be communicated to the E-mail informed upon registration up to 01/Aug/2018.
  5. Abstracts
    1. Abstracts must be submitted in English, and may optionally contain an additional version in Portuguese.
    2. One of the authors must be registered and paid for the 26th World ITMA Congress. The registration fee is charged according to the calendar established for the event.
    3. The abstract must have a maximum of 250 words and strictly follow the formatting rules below. Abstracts outside this format will not be considered for analysis. In case of presenting an additional version in Portuguese, it must also contain a maximum of 250 words.
    4. Font: Times New Roman, font size 12 pt, single line spacing.
    5. Title: Bold text, on the rectangle, include the full title of the paper, first letter in upper case and the remaining in lower case, subject to the rules of using upper case.
    6. Authors: The name of the presenter should be informed.
    7. Affiliation: Only one institution per author is allowed.
    8. Abstract text: for original articles, use paragraphs in the subdivisions (Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion). Do not place introduction or discussion as separate items. The case reports should have a short introduction, case description and comments, all written in a single paragraph, with no subdivisions. Avoid using abbreviations. When abbreviations are absolutely required, write their meaning in full the first time they are used. No pictures and/or tables will be accepted. References are not necessary, but can be added if the authors consider them essential for understanding the text. They will be included in the 250-word count.
    9. Changes and/or corrections abstract are allowed up to SEVEN DAYS AFTER SUBMISSION UP TO THE DEADLINE IN 31/Aug/2018. Afterwards, no changes will be allowed.
  6. Abstract publication
    1. All papers will be published in the Annals of the 26th World ITMA Congress.
  7. The presentation of the selected papers
    1. Posters: the posters will be presented in traditional format. Upon selection of the abstract (15/Sep/2018), the authors will be informed about the appropriate preparation.
    2. Oral Presentation: the abstract will be presented in a special session during the Conference, on dates to be defined. The presentation format will be informed upon communication of selection.
  8. Certificate
    1. The certificate will be given in electronic format 15 days after the event.
    2. Failure to present the scientific paper will result in no issuance of certificate.
  9. General issues
    1. The situations not addressed in the present guidelines shall be resolved by the Scientific Committee of the 26th World ITMA Congress.
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